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Jayme Andrea Torre

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Phillip Taylor

Jayme was a close and dear friend in high school.  So many great memories, some profound.


Goofing off at her home high in the foothills of west Sierra Madre;  her intellectual depth in a shared English class with Mr. Rabin;  water skiing down south in a Carlsbad lagoon with her and her father. Jayme’s bright eyes and welcoming smile I can see even now in my mind’s eye. She exuded the positive to others.


The early loss of Jayme, along with our shared friend Bill Eimer, was a shocking reminder on their premature deaths of how fragile our lives are. I think of them rather regularly, yet knowing little about either of their passing so few years after we graduated PHS.


Jayme provided my first encounter with divorced parents (imagine that?… not til my 10th grade), and parents working to raise a child within that reality. I got to enjoy ample time with both of her parents.  Jayme’s happiness, her assertiveness, and her high joy of life was infectious.  She made it abundantly clear that having separated parents was not the end of the world, despite the challenges. Her family served as model for me when decades later I too began the fully-shared rearing of two young sons with my first wife, and then also a step-son with my new partner and her former spouse.


My true fortunes include having shared life with Jayme.

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