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James Dunlap

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02/21/11 04:10 PM #1    

Rebecca Kates

what happened to Jim Dunlap. I knew him through elementary school.  Rebecca Kates

02/23/11 09:39 AM #2    

Tom Hanson

Rebecca, Jim died of a heart attack several years ago. He was a very successful lawyer. He lived somewhere up in WA state. Gary Landsberg would know more.... R.I.P. Jim.

02/23/11 06:21 PM #3    

Gary Landsberg

Ya'll,    Yes, Jim lived up in Seattle and was an attorney.    He had actually stopped practicing sometime before his death to work on a bio book about Bob Dylan.    He was still single and was living and working alone in his place in Seattle.     Unfortunately, he died alone and it was some time before he was found.   I never did hear the final story regarding how and who found him.    I actually heard about it, fairly soon thereafter, from Peggy Sue Davis, who was also a good friend of Jim's.     I presume it was a heart attack.    He had suffered some sort of eye injury a while earlier that left him blind in the one eye.    Jim was a great guy and we saw each other off an on over the years whenever either of us traveled, usually on biz, to one or the other city (I'm in Portland, OR).    One of the last times I saw Jim was at a party at Stu Flint's house,  and we had quite the PHS quorum with myself, Jim, Stu, Greg Roberts and Bill Stiles.     A real shame !!.       Regards to everyone,   Gary Landsberg

P.S.   I think it would have been about 2005 or 06


04/24/11 07:22 PM #4    

Curtis Hayden

 MR. "Ceegar" is gone?  I last heard he was getting a PHd from Princeton and always looked forward to the day we could "catch-up." RIP Jim.

05/18/11 10:01 PM #5    

Sarah Lifton

Wow, I had no idea until today that Jim was gone. I knew him from first grade on--he always made me laugh in elementary school. And he was always an exceptionally nice guy, even as he ascended the social ladder (unlike me!)--I had forgotten he was ASB president until I saw it. I'm so terribly sorry to hear it. 

07/04/11 12:33 PM #6    

Ed Auld

 I was surprised about Jim. He and I went back to kindergarten, when I was jealous of him because he could spell better than I could. "I can spell anything!" he said one day, about 1959. He was athletic, so you would not expect health to be an issue for him yet. Via con Dios!

See Ya, Ed

08/27/15 12:36 PM #7    

Terry Melvin (Mandel)

Jim was a really good friend in high school and I was shocked to learn of his passing from Svetlana de Kansky four years ago. I wondered what had happened to his research on Dylan and found a partial answer: an excerpt of "Through the Eyes of Tom Joad: Patterns of American Idealism, Bob Dylan, and Folk Movement Protest," was published by the journal Popular Music and Society, 12 Dec 2006, 29:5, 549-573. The excerpt itself demonstrates Jim's extraordinary scholarship and passion:

Sadly, I could not find an obituary nor information about the publisher, if any, of Jim's book. 

08/28/15 07:31 PM #8    

Sarah Lifton

Thanks for posting this, Terry! Hope you're well. 

08/29/15 01:48 PM #9    

Jimmy Rosskopf

Jim and I were in the same dorm senior year at Stanford. He was very professorial with his long beard and pipe. In 5th or 6th grade he, Lee Reidenour, and I did a school project together - we had to memorize "The Walrus and the Carpenter" to present to the class. In 6th grade, Jim, Bill Stiles, Lee and I (and one or 2 more) built a large airplane out of balsa wood. It seemed like it was 20' long, but it probably was more like 7 or 8? I used to play at his home in Hastings Ranch and I remember his mom was like my mom - very friendly and a little scatter brained. In Key Club at PHS he stood up for allowing all interested boys into the club, a change from previous years where all potential members were voted on for approval or rejection.

08/29/15 07:12 PM #10    

Anne L. Wiewel

I also remember Jim with great fondness. We shared a young teenager moment of closeness in the summer between Jr. High and High School and I’ve never forgotten it. Jim was always a class act!

I’ve known of his passing for many years though – I think it’s been listed in our Reunion Memory Books for a very long time.

Very cool to hear about his work on a Bob Dylan bio! Thanks for sharing that piece of history about Jim!! xo

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